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Featured Guest

Governor Edward G. Rendell

Posted on: 11-01-2010

Edward G. Rendell, Pennsylvania’s 45th Governor, began a second term of office on January 16, 2007, following a landslide re-election victory. As Governor, Rendell serves as chief executive of the nation’s 6th-most-populous state and oversees a $28.3 billion budget. Governor Rendell’s unprecedented strategic investments have energized Pennsylvania’s economy, revitalized communities, improved education, protected the environment and expanded access to health care to all children and affordable prescription drugs for older adults. He championed and signed into law Pennsylvania’s first comprehensive measure to substantially reform the local tax system by providing urgently needed property tax relief to homeowners. In 2008-09 taxpayers saved nearly $800 million in the first year of statewide property tax relief from gaming revenues. Governor Rendell is building on his efforts to make government more responsible to the public, and more responsive to the public’s needs. He has annually cut wasteful spending and improved efficiency to save more than $1 billion and is pursuing a legislative agenda that includes common sense political reforms to put progress ahead of partisanship. Governor Rendell is also making Pennsylvania a leader in pursuing energy independence – creating jobs in the emerging alternative energy economy while developing effective strategies to reduce dependence on foreign oil and save families money. In addition, Governor Rendell won passage of the landmark Growing Greener 2 environmental investment package. The $625 million initiative is cleaning up rivers and streams, improving parks, returning abandoned industrial sites to productive use, protecting open space and preserving farmland.

The Governor and his wife, First Lady Marjorie O. Rendell, a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, have a son, Jesse. They celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary on July 10, 2010.

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